The Song Book can be obtained from and the songbook app Cantico is also on sale. The new songbook contains 150 songs from the old and new treasury of songs for worship, maintaining tradition and taking the plunge into new musical waters. Among them are many songs which have been specially composed to accompany the slogan "schaut hin" ("take a look": Mk 6:38) or the range of Bible texts of the ÖKT.

There is a first impression online: at there is the video of the book's number 1 "Schaut hin!" with music by Peter Hamburger and text by Lothar Veit. The song was written in January in the song workshop for the Ecumenical Kirchentag. The text was almost ignored for the first few days. On the last day, Peter Hamburger had the brilliant idea: "That is exactly the song for the motto! It has to be sung. Now I am looking forward to playing it in Frankfurt at the opening service. I hope that it will be sung by as many as possible."

Kirchentag pastor and project coordinator Arnd Schomerus is pleased with the result: "This songbook is unique in its compilation. Not only the many new songs written especially for the ÖKT, but also the ecumenical selection make you want to go to Frankfurt and practice at home." This is made possible above all through the collaboration with the songbook app Cantico. In addition to various representations of the score with lyrics and chords, you can also find both instrumental accompaniments with and without a vocal track. This creates some ÖKT feeling in the house or community, even if singing together is difficult at the moment.

Additional Information: SichtWeisen, Strube Verlag Munich and 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag Frankfurt 2021 e.V., 7 euros including VAT plus shipping costs Songbook app Cantico: SichtWeisen as an in-app purchase: 7.99 euros (Android / Apple)