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Stuttgatt Kirchentag 2015

Paul Rose

The arrangements prior to the event seemed very efficient: on top of that, the best description for me was one of überfüllt!
  1. The initial service in the Marktplatz was hardly standing room only - and there were not enough service sheets - but the singing and speaking were very clear.
  2. The opening international greeting meeting in the Rathaus was proclaimed überfüllt but I suspect there was more room to be found. The leaders were not completely organised - and did not seem to know who was going to speak next.
  3. A lot of the time the U-Bahn was more than überfüllt - it reminded me of Hannover in 1983, which for me was a difficult experience.
  4. Margot Käßman was more than überfüllt from the outside - in that huge, hot Schleyer-halle.
  5. There was a very good session with Prof. Dr. Michael Sandel from Cambridge (USA) on the Friday morning in the Porsche-Arena, on the questionable importance of money.
  6. In the Stiftskirche, Fritz Baltruveit (pastor and musician) was überfüllt at lunchtime on Saturday. On Friday he was, as usual, enjoyable.
  7. It was felt that the Meissen service was rather more in German for some. Nick Baines was good on the Duke of Edinburgh.
  8. The Choral Evensong at the Katherinen Alt Katholische and Anglican Church was über überfüllt - and had two different times for beginning. Amazing it was so popular.
  9. We were, I felt, under-represented at the Markt der Möglichkeiten. The Anglican, Lutheran and the Alt Katholischen stalls helped to represent our way of thinking somewhat.
  10. The final Gottesdienst was, I thought, very well carried out.
  11. The weather was cloudless almost throughout but very hot - 36°?
  12. As in Stuttgart last time, I owe a great deal with gratitude to a wonderful church-going family in Hegnach bei Waiblingen - I would have achieved little without them, and their Abendmahl on Fridaybwas a joy to attend; and their little 15th century church was a gem.
  13. The atmosphere overall was joyful and filled with understanding, but it is a shame
    • that we did not hear, as in Hamburg 1987, crowds of young people singing Kirchentag songs on the U-Bahn; and
    • that no written reports are provided on paper after the chief speakers
  14. At first, before the sign was put outside it, it was frustratingly difficult to find and identify the International Centrum - which, when found, was fine.