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Looking forward

The 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag will take place from May 12th to 16th, 2021 as an online event. The pandemic has made it impossible for the Kirchentag to take place in a single location.

Plans are constantly being made and remade, as the pandemic situation changes. Keep up to date! Information in English about the Kirchentag can be found here and here.

Questions & answers from the ÖKT Organisers

The organizers of the 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag (the German Evangelical Church Congress and the Central Committee of German Catholics) and the inviting churches (the Diocese of Limburg and the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau), and the City of Frankfurt issued this statement some weeks ago:

Looking ahead

7-11 June 2023 - 38th Evangelische Kirchentag in Nürnberg.

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21 January 2021

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