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12-16 May 2021 - 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag in Frankfurt am Main -
more information (in German) here.

  • Deadline August 15th, 2020 is the deadline for applications and suggestions for the cultural programme, for worship services, the centres "Children", "Young People" and the "International Ecumenical Centre", as well as for the Agora (equivalent to the Market of Possibilities at the Protestant Kirchentag and the Church Mile at the Katholikentag) and for the "Regional Community Projects".
  • Deadline 15th October, 2020 is the deadline if you want to be represented by a presentation stand.
  • Deadline 15th November, 2020 if you want to take part in the Evening of Encounter.
  • Deadline 15th January, 2021 if you wish to register brass bands and choirs.

  • Further information and application forms (all in German) can be found here.

    7-11 June 2023 - 38th Evangelische Kirchentag in Nürnberg.

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