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Nuremberg, April 28, 2022.

This afternoon, the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag presented the campaign motif for the 2023 Kirchentag. This focuses on the slogan

"Now is the time".

In keeping with sustainable event planning, a mobile billboard on a bicycle trailer offered the opportunity for initial snapshots.publicity bike In addition, passers-by were invited to paint the pavement in front of Nuremberg's Lorenzkirche with their own thoughts and feelings.
The general secretary of the Kirchentag, Kristin Jahn, sees the message of the campaign as a clear sign against spreading hopelessness:

"We stand up against the resignation that says nothing can be done. Because our faith is not exhausted in folded hands. It always leads to responsible action, because now is the time to say what I hope for and what I'm willing to do because of my hope."

Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm stressed that:

"It is not at all easy to remain hopeful in the face of the many terrible reports about wars and catastrophes. That is why the coming Kirchentag is so important: We Christians find strength in fellowship with others. We give hope to ourselves and others. We draw courage from the wellspring of faith. We let ourselves be strengthened by the old wise stories of the Bible so that we become peacemakers and encouragers."

The Mayor of Nuremberg, Marcus König, underscores the importance of the Kirchentag for his city:

"With this motif, the Kirchentag 2023 in Nuremberg now has a face. We are inviting you loud and clear to dialogue and encounters in our great city. Precisely because so much is currently at stake we need clear signals on how peace and an active safeguarding of the future can succeed. We need trust in God and energy. That is typical of Nuremberg and typical of the Kirchentag."

The campaign motif (above) was designed by the Berlin communications agency Wigwam. Very consciously, they provided the possibility to subtitle the motif in a topical and topic-related manner. This is intended to demonstrate in advance the goal of the Kirchentag, to make different positions visible. The developer and art director Philipp Striegler also incorporated his expectations of the Kirchentag 2023 into his work:

"Now is the time for a loud and self-confident Kirchentag! With strong colours and energetic typography, our design creates space - for a colourful variety of topics, that move the Kirchentag and its many visitors in these hair-raising times."

From now on, the motif will adorn Kirchentag advertising material, publications and products. From 7 to 11 June, 2023, it will have a decisive impact on the image of the Kirchentag in Nuremberg.

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30 April 2022

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