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  1. Opening and Closing Services will probably take place in open ground (previously they were in sports stadia), which means that you may be standing for up to a couple of hours. Try to take a portable stool with you, and some water!

  2. picture of boxesMany of the events take place in halls with only the unique Kirchentag boxes to sit on. There is no back support, so perhaps a folding seat with a back would be helpful. Nowadays the boxes are joined together, but many seem to get free! Look for a pillar to lean against! Be aware, though, that seating areas are marked out, and you must not park yourself outside the area.

  3. Let's face it, this is a German event. Most of the "podium" events will take place in German. But really, DON'T BE PUT OFF !! Help with translation and interpretation is available free - ask in the International Center.

  4. More and more information is appearing on the English language pages of the German Kirchentag website. A good place to start is here (1).

  5. Accommodation. the Kirchentag organisation is no longer arranging accommodation in private houses; instead, it has set up an online platform for hosts and guests to make contact with each other. More detail can be found here. (2) (NB spelling mistake - there's only one 'm' in the e-address)

  6. Tickets. You can book your place online. The ticket is electronic - if you want a paper ticket, there's a charge. You can find general information about travel and the various reductions - and to buy your ticket, go here (3).

  7. Travel. As usual, your Kirchentag pass will offer you free travel in a very wide area. More information here (4). There may even be a section on getting to the Messe - here (5).

  8. Meals. Take some water with you every day. The Kirchentag can be exhausting, and a small bottle could save your life! Do remember that you will also have to cover your costs of eating out every day.

  9. Language. You will be able to book a "whisper translater" in the International Center. There will not be the usual programme book this year, just a programme summary in German. However, an English booklet should be available.

  10. Clothes. Be comfortable, not smart! No-one dresses smart for the Kirchentag (except perhaps for dignitaries) and anyway, you'll not be noticed in a crowd!

  11. Problems. Of course there won't be any problems! But just in case, the International Center staff will all speak English (and probably several other languages as well!). Around the Exhibition Centre, there will be hundreds of scouts wearing a (usually green) sash with the word Hilfer (helper); again, they will almost certainly speak enough English to point you in the right direction.

  12. Lastly... Enjoy the Kirchentag, different though this one will be! We hope it will be a stimulating experience for you. If you write something for your church newsletter, you may like to send a copy to Robin. Any feeback is always helpful, especially when it's about something that we might improve on.

    2. (NB only one 'm' in the e-address)
    5. (NB - center)



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