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HANNOVER 25-29 May 2005
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"When your child asks, in time to come..." (Deuteronomy 6:20)

This phrase comes from a particularly important section in Deuteronomy: the Jewish creed is also to be found in the chapter from which our slogan for the 2005 Kirchentag is taken. It will also help to focus the thematic work in lectures, panel discussions and forums.

The theme was deliberately chosen to make children the central focus of this Kirchentag, with an emphasis on listening to their questions, rather than always setting the agenda for them. And the response to the question is to tell a story - the history of what lies behind our actions and traditions.

Hannover was the birthplace of the Kirchentag movement in 1949, at a gathering called "Kirche in Bewegung", Church on the Move. The present Bishop of Hannover is Bischofin Margot Kãßmann, former General Secretary of the Kirchentag. During her time with the Kirchentag she was particularly keen to develop the international dimension of the Kirchentag.

The Hannover Landeskirche is the largest in the Evangelisch (Protestant) Church (EKD) and is predominantly Lutheran. The people and churches of Hannover are looking forward with great excitement to this fourth Kirchentag in their city, and are expecting 120,000 people to attend. The State of Lower Saxony has declared the duration of the Kirchentag to be a Kirchentagsferien - most regions close their schools for use as accommodation, but this is the first time it has officially been called a Kirchentag Holiday!

There is a strong link between the cathedrals of Hannover and Bristol, and indeed the two cities are twinned.

title image 'Topics'

1. How can we believe?

Belief is more than a collection of articles of faith. Belief is a way of living. But do we always know what we believe? Can we state what distinguishes German Protestants from members of other denominations - and what links us with Christians of other churches? Do we know how to express our faith? Spirituality, identity and tradition - in dialogue with one another, with other Christians and other religions we ask what it is that gives meaning to our lives.

2. How do we want to live?

Life needs values. But they do not just fall from heaven. Values have to be communicated - in school, in the family, through the media, at work. But does this still happen? What about our formation of values? Above all: what are we worth to ourselves - in our bodies, in illness and death, in beauty and fitness? And: what gives us support and orientation in insecure times?

3. How are we to act?

Action brings people together. Community action needs a certain freedom of space. But there is less and less scope for political action: international organisations, the interconnections of the global economy and the global destruction of natural life are the order of the day. At the same time people have a growing yearning for a home. What world will future generations find? When our children ask us tomorrow about our action today, what will we answer?

title image 'Bible Studies & Themes'

The Bible is the book common to all Christians. Passages from it are at the heart of the Kirchentag: at the big opening and closing worship services, at the Holy Communion celebrations and "celebratory communions", and at the morning Bible studies.

Worship services

OpeningDeuteronomy 6:20-25The foundation of faith
ClosingMatthew 2:1-15We have seen his star
(Celebratory) communion1 Kings 17:1-16Vital resources in time of need
Kirchentag psalmPsalm 8What are human beings?

Bible studies

ThursdayMalachi 3Justice for the generations
FridayMark 10:13-16Accepting the Kingdom of God like a child
SaturdayDeuteronomy 6Listening and acting wholeheartedly

title image 'Programme at a Glance'

Wednesday, 25 May 2005

18.00Opening worship service in Hannover city centre
19.00Evening of Encounters

Thursday to Saturday, 26 to 28 May 2005

09.00Bible studies
11.00 - 18.00Lectures, main panels, forums, debates, art, culture, music, theatre
10.00 - 18.00Market of Opportunities
10.00Centres, Kirchentag in the city
19.00 - 22.00Cultural, thematic, and spiritual evening events, festivals and celebrations

Sunday, 29 May 2005

10.00 - 11.30Final worship service

title image 'Active Participation'

You too can help organise the 2005 Kirchentag in Hannover.

You do not need to have church affiliation - but must be willing to link your offering with the theme, topics or biblical texts of the Kirchentag. The Kirchentag invites you to participate
  • in the Market of Opportunities, an exhibition of Christian and civil society commitment in which initiatives, organisations and groups from churches and from society present their work at stands and with actions, always ready to talk to visitors.
  • with music, theatre and entertainment, an enlivening and characteristic element at a Kirchentag: professional bands, amateur groups, one-person shows will soon get Hannover ringing, and the crowds singing and swinging.
  • with display stands or at the media mall, where church organisations, service providers and Christian media professionals show what they have to offer.
  • in brass bands and choirs, which bring the Kirchentag into the city and among the people with small and large-scale performances.
  • with worship services, celebrated in new forms: also to introduce them to others and to share experience.
If you are interested you need to apply. The deadline for the Market of Opportunities and for music, theatre and entertainment is 31 July 2004. Information on how to apply is on the internet or you can obtain details
  • from the Kirchentag office in Hannover, or
  • from Sheila Brain (Tel: (44) (0)161 288 9880, Fax: (44) (0)161 279 0173, or by email at kirchentag[at]sheilabrain.com) [change [at] to @]

title image 'Costs & Booking'
Individual fee€79
Reduced fee€49(for pensioners, unwaged & students)
Family fee€129(parents with under-18s, and also including non-retired couples)
The fee for the full five days from 25 to 29 May 2005 includes:
  • entrance to all events
  • a folder comprising the programme booklet, songbook and city map
  • the free use of public transport in the Hannover area, and
  • accommodation on request. Accommodation is found for you, on a bed & breakfast basis, in exchange for an administration fee of €12 per person (for families maximum €24) with private hosts and hostesses or, for young people's groups, in communal quarters, mostly schools, in and around Hannover. Private accommodation is given free by the people of Hannover; they receive no money from the Kirchentag.
Bear in mind that there will be other costs, such as travel to and from Hannover, meals other than breakfast, and general expenses of being away from home (including, perhaps, gifts for your hosts).

There are also daily rates for those who cannot make the full event.
Day ticket€25
Reduced day ticket€15
Evening ticket€12

You can come alone or in a group, as organised by many parishes, for example. You can also attend on single days only. Group leaders with groups from about 20 or more will receive a discount on their admission pass.

Groups from a locality, e.g. a church group, can link up with a German parish through Aktion Brückenschlag. The advantage is in being able to make friends at least for the Kirchentag, and maybe longer. Ask for details.

If you would like to come to the Kirchentag, get in touch with Sheila Brain, address below. You can register from Autumn 2004, but it would help if you could indicate your interest as soon as possible. No final commitment is needed until Spring 2005.

title image 'Addresses'

Sheila Brain is the British Correspondent to the International Committee. You can contact her
By postaddress on Home Page
By telephone(44) (0)161 288 9880
By Fax(44) (0)161 279 0173
By emailkirchentag[at]sheilabrain.com [change [at] to @]

The Hannover Kirchentag office is at
30. Deutscher Evangelische Kirchentag Hannover
Kolumbusstraße 2
30519 Hannover
Telephone+49 511 87654-0
Fax+49 511 87654-300

The service telephone number for all questions is 49 511 87654-100 (fax 49 511 87654-312) and email: service@kirchentag.de

The Kirchentag Central Office is at
Deutscher Evangelische Kirchentag
Zentrales Büro
Postfach 1555
36005 Fulda
Telephone+49 661 96950-0
Fax+49 661 96950-90

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