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Words of introduction from the Kirchentag's General Secretary Julia Helmke

Introductory comments about Confidence

PowerPoint invitation to Dortmund 2019 - adaptable for local use

Dortmund products are now beginning to appear in the Kirchentag's online shop

Scriptural texts for Services and Bible Studies are these:
Opening Service2 Kings 18:19What confidence is this?
Closing ServiceHebrews 10:35-36Don't throw your confidence away
Ecumenical Service2 Corinthians 1:8-11Confidence in God, who awakens the dead
Thursday Bible StudyJob 2:7-13A question of confidence: Do you still hold fast to your integrity?
Friday Bible StudyGenesis 22:1-19Crisis of confidence
Saturday Bible StudyLuke 7:36-50Your confidence has helped you
Friday EucharistMark 16:14-15Learning confidence

The English-language pages on the German website for Dortmund
can be found here.. Press weiter to open them up.

Information (in German) about group travel (primarily within Germany) can be found here.

The Kirchentag is now looking for 5,000 volunteeers for Dortmund. More information here.

Numerous projects in Dortmund are committed to a sustainable and human-oriented future. Many of these initiatives are being
bundled together in the coming year as part of the project 'Towards sustainability'. This cooperation between the
Institute for Church and Society, the German Protestant Kirchentag and the Office of Mission, Ecumenism and Global Responsibility
has now officially begun. The project is supported and promoted by the North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation Environment and Development.
More on that story (in German) here.
The closing date for applying to run a stall in the Market of Possibilities or Messe im Markt is
30th November.
Further details and registration forms (in German only) here: here
More seriously (for Germany-speakers): Here's a link to a brief Q&A session with Hans Leyendecker,
the President of the Dortmund Kirchentag - and a man who has attended every Kirchentag since 1975.
One item of Dortmund-related merchandise currently being advertised on the Kirchentag website is the multi function cloth,
aka MUFUTU (for Multifunktiontuch). Apparently it doubles as headband, bracelet, hat, scarf and a lot more besides.
Wear it in the morning on the way to work as a hat, during the day as a nice accessory around the neck
and in the evening at the concert as a hair band. A snip at €12.00. What more can I say? Check it out yourselves here
A peace light is making the journey from Bethlehem to Fulda.

This flame already has a long journey behind it: kindled in the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem it has passed through several hands,
and will finally be brought by Cara Carrell and Hannah Wienröder (both members of the Graf Folke Bernadotte Scout group in Fulda)
and Juliane Kulgemeyer of the Deutschen Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg (DPSG) into the central office of the Kirchentages in Fulda.

It is a trail of light through the whole of Europe: a light from Bethlehem is to travel through the nations
as an ambassador for peace and to proclaim the birth of Jesus.
Light is the Christmas symbol par excellence.
The kindling and handing on of the peace light reminds us of the Christmas message
and of our own task, to make peace among mortals a reality.
At the Kirchentag in Dortmund there will be for the first time a series of podium discussions
under the heading: "Trialogue: Jewish, Christian, Islamic"
In addition there is a varied programme in each of the Centres "Juden und Christen" and "Muslime und Christen".
Anyone who is particularly interested in this subject area, can now apply for an inter-faith bursary -
and in this way experience the whole Kirchentag.
The return journey to Dortmund, accommodation and a living allowance are included in the bursary.
For more information (in German), click here
The Kirchentag in Dortmund is less than six months away!
17th February 2019 has been designated as Kirchentag Sunday and Protestant parishes in Germany are invited to take part.
If anyone in the UK is interested in participating, there is more information and liturgical material (all in German)
for use on the day here