logo of the German Kirchentag

Picture credits: Robin Blount except JG = John Grange.   More pictures welcome!

the crowds gather
The crowds gather...

...and gather...
...and gather...

...and gather!
...and gather!

Presidential cavalcade
The President of the Federal Republic of Germany arrives

the crowds gather
The Presidential carbon footprint!

secret service
Men in black guard the President

the Evening of Encounter, candles
A sea of lights at water's edge

sitting listening to jazz
Music in the background

teenage brass band
Music in the foreground

harpist on-stage
Music on the stage

street musicians
Music in the street

music on the water
Music on the water

music on a podium
Music in Cathedral square

schiff überfüllt
Makes a change from "Halle überfüllt !"

lunch al-fresco
Lunch al-fresco

Kirchentag logo in flowers
Growing the Kirchentag

Cathedral square
The Cathedral square

almost-full hall
Halle almost füllt

the Kirchentag box
The ubiquitous K-box,...

lying down on a box
not just for sitting on!

intro to quirky pics

The Kirchentag catwalk?

"Mortal, where are you/"

the crowds gather

Catholic v Protestant
Catholic v Protestant satirical sketch

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