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Kirchentag stats

Season-ticket holders: 106,381
Day-ticket holders (estimated): 38,000
25,867 people came as members of groups (of which there were 699)
33,083 were there as special guests and other "one-offs".

There were 6,355 participants from outside Germany, coming from 105 countries. The biggest contingents were from Nigeria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary and Poland.

30,054 people were involved in presenting the 2,473 events at 240 venues across Berlin and Potsdam, supported by the 17,377 who made the arrangements.

2,143 participants registered as disabled.

There were 107 Bible studies, 671 events related to a theme, 427 "spiritual" events (church services and the like), and 718 concerts. The whole Kirchentag involved 4,200 hours of programming - that's the best part of six months. 56 events offered simultaneous German/English translation.

41.5% of the participants were male and 58.5% female.
85.2% self-described as Protestant, 8.6% as Catholic, and 6.2% "Other".

603 groups involving 6,807 people had stalls in the Market der Möglichkeiten.
2,620 brass-players from 309 groups contributed to the music.
1,926 singers from 114 groups also participated.

The Kirchentag's age profile is changing, but it is still a predominantly young movement, with nearly two-thirds of all participants being under 50 and nearly half under 40. However there was a much more equal spread across the year-groups from 14 to 60 (each falling within the range 15%-18%), except for a dip in the 30-39 year-old cohort. And there were more pensioners than pre-teens.

The reservable seating for the Merkel-Obama dialogue was sold out within 90 seconds after booking opened !

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