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Looking back!

Reports, Pictures & Statistics of Berlin-Wittenberg 2017

4½ minute radio programme made by Hugh Dickinson of BBC Three Counties Radio, broadcast the Sunday after the Kirchentag. (mp3 format)

Looking ahead!

  • Information about Dortmund 2019 as it comes in...

  • 19-23 June 2019 - 37th Evangelischer Kirchentag in Dortmund
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    In January, fifteen vans transported the office equipment and furniture from Berlin to Dortmund. There are now forty people working in the new office in Kronenburgallee to prepare for the Dortmund Kirchentag.

  • 12-16 May 2021 - 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag in Frankfurt am Main

  • Roadmap to a European Christian "Convention" - a new initiative that grew around the Stuttgart 2015 Kirchentag.

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